Sunday, May 31, 2009

Were off.

We have done our door knocking for the Salvation Army, popped into church to say hi and deliver some Tiny Tights, tidied and cleaned the towels and sheets for our house sitters and are packed and ready to go.

Both the girls were ever so helpful when it came to getting packed!!!!

Better late than never.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Musical Talent????

Tieve has obviously been paying attention on the few occasions that Sally has been to church lately!!!! I initially wondered where she had got the idea of a violin and then she told me "church".

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Home again (Home again jiggity jig!)

Seren was discharged at 6pm today. She had been off the ventolin for 3 hours and the oxygen for about 7. She had a good nap for a couple of hours this afternoon and has made a huge improvement. She was up to her usual tricks as soon as she was home, playing with her toy car, pulling things off the table and emptying bags!!!

It really is amazing how children can bounce back.

Holiday day 1

Is being spent in the hospital. Seren's breathing got worse and worse as the evening went on and she wasn't sleeping so we decided to take her to the hospital. She was given Ventolin 3 times in an hour which seemed to help considerably and she didn't seem to be struggling so much to breath. Her oxygen levels were low so she was put on oxygen with bandages wrapped around her hands to stop her from pulling it out of her nose (my determined little girl still succeeded mind you). She was also given cream on various points of her body to numb the area in case she needed an IV as she was a little dehydrated.

She remained on Ventolin hourly and managed to have little cat naps in my arms which meant that I didn't really get any sleep. As of midday when I have been relieved by Glen so I can come home and get some sleep she now seems to be managing OK with the oxygen turned off and has gone 3 hours without Ventolin.

Looks like we wont be flying for a few more days, hopefully Sunday. Fingers crossed she can come home this evening though as the nights are very long in that place.

Life at Midnight

So apparently very late at night cleaners drive down Macaulay rd in a van with the side door open cleaning the bins along the road with a high pressure cleaner as they drive past. The things you learn. Just a little tit bit I found out last night on the way to the hospital!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Not going anywhere.

So much for being on the plane right now. Seren was perfectly happy yesterday morning, just a bit of a runny nose. She was then up in the night not well so I decided I should err on the side of caution and take her to the doctor this morning in case we need to get any more meds. Turns out she has an ear infection in both ears as well as a chest infection. She can not fly until Friday night at the earliest so I guess we have another two days at home and Mum and Dad can twiddle their thumbs in Dubai with out us.

Tieve is being very sweet with Seren even if the tears did start welling in her eyes when I picked her up from daycare and she heard my response to: "going on the big plane now Mummy?" . This morning she was woken up by Seren being sick and quickly appeared at the bathroom door with a clean pair of jammies for her little sister. Bless her.