Saturday, July 1, 2017

Worcester or Wuss – ta

After a very long 24 hours we arrived at Heathrow to be greeted by my Dad. He promptly drove us to our B&B in Worcester where Mum, Sonia and Aimee were waiting before heading off again back up to York to collect Michael, Kellan and Baeddan.

After several reminders by the owner to carefully close doors to not disturb other guests, we headed out in search of a pub for an early dinner. Seren barely made it thought the meal so we did not hang around long before heading back to our room for some much-needed sleep as our bodies were telling us it was about 5am.

Our first real day of our family adventure started quite early with Daelin and I sitting in our B&B eating complementary biscuits at 5am. I had a terrible night’s sleep due to feeling so ill so also spent some time searching online for drs open on Saturdays and ended up walking to a phone booth to call the NHS line. The service was fabulous, doing an over the phone assessment before making an appointment with a GP at the Royal Worcester Hospital for 10am.

Tieve accompanied me on my trip to the Dr using the local bus service and was rewarded with finding a penny on the floor which she subsequently donated once in one of those spiral donation boxes.

A very friendly Dr diagnosed me with Pharyngitis and an ear infection and I left with a script for some antibiotics. I thought I was terribly organised remembering to take my NHS card with me but no one requested to see that or either of my two passports. Having headed back into town we stocked up on painkillers, met up with the others and headed back to the B&B to meet Dad and head to Stoke Prior and our 3 Narrowboats.

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